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Multiplier Front-End

Welcome to the official home of the Pogo Token Generator!
We found a bug in the new Club Pogo game Bloop!. Which makes the Jackpot spin end up in the 100,000 thousands each round that is played. You do not need a Club Pogo membership for the exploit to work but you need at least 1000 tokens to wager in the game in order for the exploit to work. There is no work needed on your part whatsoever. Just click the link on the left, securely sign into your account, and in less that 12 hours you will have generated up to 500,000,000 tokens to play poker, enter raffles, and show off in game the rooms.
*Bonus* - Until 12/12/06 check off "Increase all my game ratings" at the multiplier page and your Checkers, Chess, etc. ratings will be increased to 3000(Masters).